8 Ways an Intelligent Mail Bar Code Will Help Mailing

Businesses need to be able to communicate with their customers in a variety of ways. Businesses need to be able to ship packages efficiently and cost effectively. Customers expect their packages to be delivered on time. Letters, flyers and other miscellaneous correspondence need to be handled properly and not get lost in the dead letter office.

Intelligent bar codes (IMbs), first introduced in 2003 are the US Postal Service’s answer to the increasing competition from UPS and other mailing companies. Intelligent bar codes have information about the package or letter in the bar code. Bulk mailings and large packages are popular uses for the IMb program.

1. Ease of use
One of the important ways that IMb is utilized the most is that fact that the code automatically designates where the letter or package will go. You no longer have to manually sort out your mail to go to certain addresses. For instance, a bulk mailing that had a certain targeted area would get automatically coded to go to that area.

2. Address Correction
There is a lot of waste in sending letters and packages to the wrong address. The US Postal Service’s OneCode ACS system helps you see the list of returned pieces along with updated address information.

3. Streamlined Mailing Permits
Mailing permits are utilized to gain postal discounts for bulk mailings. In the past you needed to get mailing permits for each post office you utilized for the bulk and commercial mailings. With the new USPS “Mail Anywhere” feature, you only have to get a single permit to mail anywhere in the country.

4. Mail Tracing
An important feature of the IMb is the mail tracing feature that helps you trace where your letters and packages have gone through the system. This helps when you need to know the status of your letter or package.

5. Low Cost Proof of Mailing
The time and expense of using certified mail and delivery confirmation forms is eliminated when you use IMb. The IMb system generates a report that verifies that your packages have been received. It can also uncover lapses in service.

6. Avoid Duplicate Mailings
This is quite often an expense that you’ll need to “eat” if your customer doesn’t receive the package or letter they requested. Accurate and updated information about your letter or package status will eliminate the need for duplicate mailings.

7. Reduce Risk and Fraud
Intelligent bar codes help eliminate the risks involved with risk and fraud issues.

8. Expedite Payment
IMb codes can help you expedite payment on customers invoices by accurate delivery.

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