7 Steps to Take After Receiving a Photo Ticket

Towns and cities all over the country are installing traffic cameras to catch infractions. The devices are often referred to as “red light cameras,” but also catch speeding and unlawfully stopping in a crosswalk. The camera will take a picture of the car and license plate involved in the infraction. Within a few days, the photo ticket is mailed to the person who registered the vehicle with the state. Here are 7 steps to take after receiving a photo ticket.

1: Examine the Ticket 

As soon as you get the ticket in the mail, you need to examine it carefully. The ticket is self-explanatory, but you need to make yourself familiar with it.

2: Decide How to Proceed 

You’ll have several options to choose from when determining how to proceed. Most states allow drivers to plead guilty, no contest, or not guilty. If you choose to pay the fine, you can do so in-person, by phone, or online.

3: Fight the Traffic Ticket 

If you are planning to fight the traffic ticket, you’ll need to locate the court date. If opting to fight the ticket, you’ll likely need to appear in court on pre-scheduled date.

4: Pay Fine by Deadline 

Drivers that opt to pay the fine will need to locate the court date on the ticket. To avoid fees, a warrant being issued for arrest, or the risk of losing your license, the ticket will need to be paid by the court date.

5: Contact County Courthouse 

Traffic cameras are usually monitored and managed by a third party company. Local courthouses should have access to traffic camera photos. If you have any question about whether the ticket is valid or not, you can contact your county courthouse and ask to see photos involving your license plate and car.

6: Hire a Traffic Lawyer 

In some states, traffic camera tickets don’t accrue points or effect insurance rates. However, if you accumulate and ignore these fines, you may end up in hot water with local authorities. If you suspect you have a looming problem associated with traffic camera tickets, it’s important to hire a traffic lawyer.

7: Contact Traffic Camera Company 

Sometimes we lend our vehicle to our children, best friend, or even a trusted babysitter. If this happens and you get the ticket in the mail, you can contact the traffic camera company. Instructions on how to do this appropriately are listed on the back of the ticket.

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