3 Ways to Make Your Ceramic Creation Unique

Whether you’re a professional artist creating refined ceramic works or a hobbyist dabbling in the wonderful medium of clay, there’s always plenty to learn. With this article, you can take a look at a few quick tips for adding a bit of creative flair to your projects.


Experimenting with glazes is a great way to try new things in the world of ceramics. The color and texture of your pottery’s finish can completely change the entire mood. From pale, matte blue to shiny grey, you have plenty of options. There are all kinds of glazing techniques that each result in something different. Some potters use salt in the glazing process to create surface texture, while others may try etching the clay itself to create an interesting interaction with the glaze. It all depends on the artist as there are seemingly unending ways to personalize your ceramics with glazes and surface treatments. When it comes time to glaze your ceramics, you can be sure to pick a unique color and texture for a truly expressive work of art.

Weave a Narrative

One of the strongest ways to make your ceramic project uniquely yours is by imbuing the object with personal significance. Although telling stories through clay is not a new idea, it’s a great choice for artists willing to get personal. Coille Hooven is a prolific artist who uses ceramics tell stories. Using symbolism and an artistic touch, Hooven shows the power that creators can wield through clay. You too can tell a story through ceramics. Whether sculpting dreams or recreating childhood memories, narrative is one of the most rewarding and personal forms of art. It’s sure to give your ceramics something special!

Quirky Imperfections

While potters do their best to perfect the craft of throwing the perfect bowl, cup or vase, it’s important to remember that there is beauty in imperfections. Lately, ceramicware has experienced a resurgence in popularity among artists and consumers alike. In a New York Times article, Tim McKeough points out that people often prefer the handmade, authentic qualities of ceramics. From hand-painted plates to wobbly bowls, pieces with imperfections are trending among consumers. As an artist, you can choose to embrace imperfections from thumbprints, hand-drawn lines, and organic forms. Whether you experiment with quirky handles on delicate teacups or artsy drawings on the surface of your creation, you can surely find a way to personalize your craft.


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