3 Vintage Furniture Pieces You Must Have in Your Home

Furnishing a home can be expensive, especially if you want quality items that are built to last. Plus, today’s mass produced furniture tends to look very much alike, while custom pieces are simply out of most people’s budget.Perhaps these are some of the reasons why so many people are turning to vintage and antique items for their homes. Vintage typically refers to things that are between 30 and 100 years old, and antique items are those that were built more than 100 years ago. Older items were often built better and can give your home a quirky look with character rather than the cookie-cutter feel of a modern piece. If you’re new to shopping for classic furnishings, keep reading for suggestions of three vintage furniture pieces you must have in your home.

Sideboard or Buffet

A vintage sideboard or buffet is a must-have furniture item for its versatility. Usually made of solid wood, these items are built to stand the test of time. You can achieve a number of different looks, depending on the era in which your find was made. A classic Depression-era buffet made out of mahogany is perfect for a traditional home, while a Danish Modern piece from the “Made Men” era can add a bit of funky appeal. Sideboards are fantastic for displaying collections and for storing items like dishes or linens. You’ll love the double-duty function ad visual interest they offer.


A vanity with mirror and bench was once a key piece in every woman or little girl’s bedroom. This item has since gone out of fashion for the most part, but vintage sets can be quite a find. They come in various styles from the ornate to more simple, but these pieces are usually made of genuine wood and tend to hold up well through years of use. Vanities are typically small to compact, so they are convenient, even for smaller homes or apartments. A vintage vanity would make for a practical place to do your makeup in the morning and for keeping your beauty products, along with serving as a great conversation starter.

Trunk or Chest

Vintage steamer trunks or hope chests are fabulous finds, as they can be re-purposed in multiple ways. Many people use them as coffee tables just as they are. You can always store extra blankets inside. It’s also possible to add a set of legs to a smaller trunk to raise its height for use as a foot stool or ottoman. A little imagination can transform this inexpensive piece into a brand new treasured heirloom.

These are three key vintage furniture pieces that are great to start out a budding retro collection. Have fun searching the flea markets, yard sales and antique shops. Just be careful to do your research in order to tell the difference between junk and treasure.

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