The Undeniable Benefits of Private Air Travel Over Commercial

To the casual observer, flying by a private charter can seem a little obnoxious and unnecessary, not to mention expensive. After all, why take your own airplane when you can spend half an hour getting frisked by airport security?

Turns out, there’s a lot of advantages to flying privately as opposed to commercial, and no matter how much money you save, you can’t deny these are pretty awesome.

1. Ability to Go Anywhere

Anyone that has had to find a connecting flight to a smaller, regional airport understands how much of a headache that is. You can spend all day in big airports to fly all of a hundred miles to a tiny airport, then rent a car and drive several more hours. Private charters don’t have that problem. They can land just about anywhere, even another private airstrip if it’s available.

2. Shorter Waits

While not every private charter is one of those that you drive right up to the plane and simply fly off, it’s pretty close. While there is still security, you don’t have to take off your shoes in a lobby area, run your bags through a huge scanner, or arrive at the airport three hours early to make it for your flight. Just pull up and take off. You’re the only passenger, after all.

3. Increased Cargo

The two-bag limit for some airlines is very annoying, especially if you’re going to be gone for a while. Furthermore, airlines simply won’t allow many of the bigger things to be transported safely on the aircraft, like golf clubs or guitars, whereas private charters will. Also, since the items are right in front of you, there’s very little chance of those items getting lost. Bring a bowling ball and a foosball table if you like, no one else will mind.

4. Amenities. So Many Amenities

Since you or your party is the only customer for that flight, private charters generally go to great lengths to cater to your every desire, stocking the refrigerator with your favorite foods and drinks to make your flight extra comfortable. However, the key here is personalization. Flying first-class in a commercial airliner comes with amazing food, but you’re going to be eating the same thing everyone else is. With your own private jet, you pick the dish and the dessert, and everything in between.

5. Fewer Delays

When you charter a private jet, you are paying for luxury and convenience. That means the flight leaves when you want it to and goes where you want it to, unlike a commercial airliner which caters to thousands of different customers every single day. This also means less delays, so you can make as sure as possible that you’ll get where you’re going exactly at the right time.

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