How to Show Support to an Active Duty Military Family

When it comes to supporting an active duty family, it’s imperative to be smart about where and how you should donate. With the holidays coming upon us, these families are going through even more stress. Thus, the following includes various steps to ensure your contribution truly makes a difference for them:

1. Choosing where to donate– More than 400,000 military charities are available to assist specifically with military communities. You can donate to organizations, such as the affiliates of the Air Force Assistance Funds, Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, and the Army Emergency Relief.

2. Give intelligently– You can set up with different agencies an automatic donation of a portion of your paycheck directly. For instance, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is available to all federal workers. You can also donate to previously mentioned agencies via myPay.

3. Give a gift card – With active duty families going through trying times, they will appreciate getting a gift card to go out to one of their favorite restaurants, to the movies or some other entertainment they may not otherwise be able to enjoy together or afford.

4. Bring them a meal – Prepare a few freezer meals, pick up a pizza or a rotisserie chicken and some sides and bring it to the family. Providing a meal can relieve some household stress.

5. Provide them a weekend or night getaway– If you have enough extra money, you can do this on your own – or you can come together with the community to raise money for a family to go out for the night or weekend somewhere. You can also offer them a needed break by offering a condo on the beach or a cabin in the woods if you own one. Other than that, you can give them your hotel points for a free stay.

6. Assist with events and transportation – You can relieve the stress of military families by offering them a little babysitting or transportation if they have multiple children who have various events going on and other duties.

7. Putting a family night basket together – You can put together a basket to include things like a DVD, puzzles, or games, depending on the kids’ ages. You can also include snacks, like popcorn or candy.

There are various, creative ways you can help active-duty military families that will truly make a difference for them. With their loved one being sent here or there for service, these families are stressed more than one may realize. Helping these families will go a long way.

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