How to Seal Your Windows for Winter

Did you know that a glass window pane can lose approximately ten times more heat than an insulated wall that covers the same area? Its a waste of money if you still have cold air coming into the house while you are heating up the house. We are going to look different ways in which you can insulate your windows during the winter season.

1. Use bubble wrap to cover your windows

Bubble wraps are not pretty items, but they are a great way of insulating your house windows. Using it is also simple. Spray some drops of water on the inside parts of your window pane and place the bubble part of the bubble wrap against the moist window pane. Seal the edges of the wrap with some tape to help you keep the heat. The only downside is that you can remove some paint when you remove the tape.

2.Use a window film

Window films create an insulating barrier between the windows and the inside part of your apartment. The film kits usually comprise of a plastic shrink film which is applied to the frame of the window using a stick tape that is double-sided. Place the film in the window pane and apply the tape to the frame. Rub the rape down using lots of pressure and remove the backing about 6 inches from each side piece and from the top piece. To finalize the process of applying the film in the window pane, simply apply some dry heat using a hair dryer to remove the wrinkles from the film.

3.Seal cracks using rope caulk

Rope caulk is an easy solution that can be pulled apart and jammed into large spaces and gaps in the windows. The rope caulk can be pressed along the edges of the window case. If you stay in an apartment ground floor, work on the outside parts of the windows for extra insulation.

4.Use removable magnetic window insulation

If you occasionally want open up your windows once is a while during winter, use a magnetic window insulation that is removable. You don’t have to use tape, the insulating vinyl will be held safely in position using magnets during the winter season. You can apply some coats of magnetic paint to the trim of the window, measure and then cut the vinyl for a perfect fit. Once that is done, attach the magnetic strip to the vinyl. The vinyl will be easy to remove since the magnetic tape simply holds the vinyl in place.

5. Place thermal curtains to your windows

Thermal curtains are designed in such a way that they retain heat during the cold season and repel heat during the summer. To effectively use these curtains, ensure that your windows are appropriately covered with the thermal curtains to insulate the windows in the cold season.

If you don’t insulate your home well, you will have a very tough time during the winter season. You will experience icy rooms and spend a lot of money trying to heat up the rooms. To avoid all these expenses and difficulty, plan by ensuring that you insulate your home before the winter season kicks in.

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