How To Maintain and Care For Your Surfboard

Let’s be honest. Your surfboard is probably one of the most important items that you own. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that it lasts as long as it can. To keep hitting the waves with your beloved board, follow some of these maintenance tips to ensure your board has a long and lasting life.

1. Use A Bag

There are actual bags that you can store your surfboard in when not in use. While you may want to show off your board’s artistic design at home or on the road, it’s actually best to tuck it safely away whenever possible. The bag can protect the board from debris that’s tossed at it when on the road or even from getting scratched if you rest it against the floor or wall.

The sun and heat can play a heavy roll on your surfboard, too. Too much sun can bleach the board out, and you might lose some of that art that you’re so fond of and enjoy. The heat can actually cause bubbles to form on your board which can cause the skin to peel away. The bag prevents the direct contact with the sun and it keeps your board cool.

2. Fix The Dings

With the amount of abuse your surfboard sees, you can expect dings on your board. While they may seem like nothing, it’s actually critical that you repair them immediately. These dings can worsen over time and eventually allow the board to soak in the salt water. This water can eat away at the foam board inside and essentially break down your board. Luckily, most surf shops have repair kits that you can easily procure and remove those dings. A little tender love and care are all your board needs to last for years.

3. Rinse It

This goes hand-in-hand with fixing the dings. After you’ve had your fun in the water, take the extra time to wash your board off thoroughly. You want to remove all of the salt that the water spread over your board. Again, this is to ensure that the salt doesn’t enter the board and eat away at the foam inside. By rinsing the board off, you can be sure that it’s fresh and ready to go the next time you hit the beach.

4. Transport Properly

Instead of cramming it into the back of your car, install a rack on the top of your vehicle. This will ensure that it doesn’t get hit by another driver who isn’t paying attention either. You should also add in some cushioning for further support.

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