Can you cash a check made out to cash at WalMart?

There may come a time when you need to cash a check. Walmart is an excellent provider of check cashing services, so you should feel confident about going there. However, you would not be able to cash a personal check made to “cash.” What you could do is get a cashier’s check from your bank and take that to Walmart if you really need to cash that check at Walmart. Here’s a little more information on that matter:

Types of Checks That Walmart Cashes

Walmart offers check cashing services for a wide variety of checks. They accept regular payroll checks, government checks, retirement plan payments, cashier’s checks, income tax refunds and money orders that someone originally got from Walmart. They do not cash personal checks, and a check made to “cash” from a person’s bank would be considered a personal check. The reason is that personal checks can be a bit tricky and unguaranteed.

Fees and Costs

The payment structure for check cashing service has gotten less complex over the years. Walmart used to go by percentages, but now they go by flat rates. They will charge $3 for someone who brings in a check that is less than $1,000. Amounts over $1,000 warrant a $6 charge from Walmart. The limit on the amount that one can cash is between $5,000 and $7,500 depending on what time of the year it is. This system is much easier than trying to figure out what kind of check you have and then calculating percentages.

About Cashier’s Checks

Cashier’s checks are guaranteed, so they are a lot different from personal checks. The bank takes the funds out of their account instead of the customer’s account, so whoever cashes the cashier’s check can feel highly confident about cashing it and relying on the money from it. There is no chance for Walmart to be burned on a cashier’s check, so they are usually willing cash such a check with no opposition whatsoever.

How to Cash a Check at Walmart

Anyone who needs to cash a check can do so without having to sign up for anything. The person will just need to bring the check and some identification to prove identity. Acceptable documents are things like driver’s licenses, passports and so forth. Two forms of ID are always better than one. The person should be prepared to take fingerprints during the check cashing process. Walmart is very adamant about its practices to prevent fraudulent activities.

Once the person presents identification, the cashier will continue the procedure and cash the check. The customer can choose whether to load the funds onto his or her Walmart card or take cash and leave.

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