8 Unique Gifts Any Veteran Would Love

One of the most important holidays in American history has a very interesting background. In 1918, when the United States was engaged in World War I, military and political leaders realized the futility of armed conflict as they signed the Armistice, a cessation of hostilities, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of November.

The Veterans Day proclamation was issued in 1958 to honor the contributions of men and women who served in the Armed Forces. Since then, Veterans Day has been celebrated in a patriotic manner; in recent years, the holiday has turned a bit more personal with friends and families of veterans giving presents to their loved ones.

Here are eight special gifts that veterans would love to receive:

1 – Dinner and a Movie

Taking a veteran out to dinner and then to a movie is always a fun idea.

2 – Grooming or Beauty Items

Service members are expected to be well-groomed at all times, and this is something that they tend to carry with them for life. A nice shaving kit for men or a make up set for women would make a nice Veterans Day present.

3 – Fruit and Gourmet Baskets

Field rations and meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) are some of the aspects of military life that are not particularly missed by veterans. A nice basket filled with seasonal fruit or gourmet treats would be the perfect antithesis to MREs and field rations.

4 – Coffee Gift Cards

Many veterans will tell you that coffee is the fuel that keeps the American military machine running. Unfortunately, the coffee that is typically served in military mess halls, aboard naval vessels and in the field is far from the gourmet roasts from Kenya and Costa Rica that can be enjoyed at the trendy cafes of the civilian world. A nice gift card that can be redeemed for a few cups at a nice cafe will make any veteran smile.

5 – U.S. Savings Bonds

Savings bonds are as good as cash but more patriotic. They are no longer sold at banks, but they can be purchased online as gifts along with a nice certificate.

6 – Service Rings

Military rings are sometimes given to active duty members on their retirement, but they are even more special when they are given on Veterans Day. Depending on the manufacturer, these rings can be engraved with details about service branch, unit and even campaign.

7 – Digital Music

Most veterans were able to get through tough deployments with music. A subscription to a modern streaming service or a new digital radio will be appreciated by veterans.

8 – Sporting Event Tickets

This gift requires some advance planning, but it is worth it. Check the schedule of professional sports games playing on or soon after Veterans Day to make a nice impression.

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