8 Memorable Party Favors

If you’re planning a party or big event, you probably want your guests to remember it. The best way to do this is to treat your guests with memorable party favors. We’ve done the work for you, and created a list of 8 memorable party favors. When considering what party favors you’re interested in, you should remember that guests will remember things that are edible, attractive, and functional.

1: Edible Treats 

Edible treats are a great party favor because they serve two purposes. Your guests get a tasty treat and a party favor at the same time. Some edibles that make great party favors include cookies, popcorn, cotton candy, and cupcakes.

2: Seeds 

For baby showers and weddings, a packet of seeds is an appropriate party favor. Seeds are the beginning of new life. Guests can take the packet and plant the seeds. From those seeds, something beautiful will grow. As an added touch, party throwers can place the seeds in a tiny pot.

3: Painted Rocks 

All over the country, people hide rocks for others to find. You can paint rocks and distribute them at your party, or you can let guests paint rocks for you to keep at your event.

4: Terrarium 

Terrariums are easy to create and don’t require much maintenance to keep alive. Succulents can be purchased in bulk as well as plastic containers to place the plants in. You can tie twine around the containers, which will allow them to be hung.

5: Mini Bottles of Alcohol 

Do you have a signature cocktail? If so, consider sending your guests home with a mini bottle of your favorite beverage. Tiny bottles of champagne, wine, or whiskey are great party favors. As an added bonus, you can tie a cute straw to the bottle with cute ribbon.

6: Homemade Bath Bombs and Sugar Scrub 

Everyone likes to be pampered. Even guys will appreciate getting a homemade bath bomb and sugar scrubs. Tiny mason jars are great containers for sugar scrubs and bath bombs look adorable when wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon.

7: Pedicure in a Jar 

If you’re looking for a sleepover party favor or even a gift for your bridesmaids, there’s nothing better than a pedicure in a jar. Find tiny jars big enough to hold toenail clippers, an emery board, and a bottle of nail polish. If you have a favorite color, choose that nail polish for the party favor.

8: Coozies 

Who doesn’t need a drink holder? Anyone could benefit from a party favor that will keep their beverage cold on hot summer days. There are tons of styles to choose from, and the items can be personalized too.

Impress your guests with edible, functional, or attractive party favors. By doing this, you will help them remember all the details of your special day.

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