8 Essentials Your Fall Wardrobe

The first day of fall recently arrived. Is your wardrobe ready for the crisp cool days? Here are 8 wardrobe essentials that are important for the fall season:


  1. Boots –

Boots are an important wardrobe essential for the fall months. We recommend having two different kinds of boots in your collection – one is an ankle bootie and the other would be a taller boot either just under your knee or ones that go right over your knee.

  1. Jeans –

Since denim is a slightly thicker material, it is perfect for a little cooler weather. Jeans are great for all kinds of activities whether you are going to a pumpkin patch or if there is a casual dress day at work. They are easy to move around in, easy to clean, and you can dress them up or down depending on the activity or occasion.

  1. Sweaters –

There are a ton of different sweater options for fall. There are a variety of material weights, zip up, button up or pull over. Sweaters can be easily dressed up or down depending on accessories or what you choose to wear on bottom.

  1. Sweatshirts –

Sweatshirts are great options for cheering on your favorite football team or running around trying to get your holiday shopping done early.

  1. Leggings –

Leggings are a nice comfy option for fall weather. You can wear them under dresses, tunic tops or longer sweaters or sweatshirts.

  1. Lightweight Jacket –

A lighter weight jacket is perfect for fall. While the weather has gotten cooler, snow hasn’t started to fall yet. So a lightweight jacket is perfect for putting on top of your sweater or sweatshirt to block the wind and keep you protected.

  1. Layering Tees –

Short sleeve and long sleeve tees are great options to wear under your sweaters or sweatshirts.

  1. Dresses –

You don’t have to give dresses up just because the weather got a little cooler. There are a few different things that you can do to make a dress work no matter the weather. If you need warmth on the legs, just add tights or leggings underneath. If you need warmth on the arms, you can layer a long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck underneath, add a cardigan or jean jacket.


We only covered clothing items for fall in detail, but you might want to pick up a great hat and handbag to compliment your fall wardrobe. Enjoy the changing leaves and the crisp cool autumn days in your fall wardrobe before the snow starts to fall.

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