7 Effective Ways to Tone Your Body this Fall

Unlike summer, when people are motivated to tone their bodies for beach season, fall is the time they can start covering up with longer clothing. Consequently, some people don’t have the same incentive to exercise and stay toned in the cooler weather. But the true workout buff knows that it’s best to exercise year-round, because those pounds aren’t going to shed themselves come spring. If you’re looking for ways to stay toned during the autumn months, try some of the following workouts or activities.

Take Daily Walks
In most parts of the United States, the snow doesn’t fall until late November or December. So the sidewalks are usually clear for walking. In fact, walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and toned in the fall. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight and improves your circulation, according to Huffington Post. Walking can also lower your stress levels, improve your mood and help you sleep better.

Take an Aerobics Class
Many of today’s aerobics classes incorporate martial arts moves and dancing. Zumba, which mixes dance moves from the salsa, merengue and flamenco styles, is highly popular, allowing you to tone legs, abs and buttocks as you burn calories.

Join a Sports Team
Many fitness centers have volleyball and racquetball leagues in the fall — both of which are effective ways to stay toned. You can also volunteer to help with your young kids’ practice sessions, whether they play soccer or basketball.

Join a Gym
Most gyms today cater to certain fitness types. If you’re just starting out, Planet Fitness offers reasonable rates and provides a comfortable environment for beginners. It behooves you to hire a trainer for best results. Trainers can put you on the right fitness program and help you with dieting.

Take the Steps at Work
Forgo the elevator at work and take the steps instead. Stair walking is taxing and can enhance your cardiovascular health. It also provides resistance training for your thighs and buttocks.

Try a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
Americans typically consume about 3,000 calories at their Thanksgiving meal, according to ABC News. So rather than just packing on the extra weight, participate in a turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. Look for other charity events in the fall that combine fun with exercise.

Get Creative at the Pumpkin Patch
There’s plenty of opportunity to exercise at pumpkin patches as you hunt for the perfect gourd. Use a small or medium sized pumpkin as a kettlebell for firming up your hips and abs. Extend your stay by traipsing through the cornfields or hiking the trails.

Most importantly, have fun while you tone your body this autumn. That way you will look forward to the events or training and stick with it.

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