6 Surprising Benefits of Buying Cigars Online

Rather than buying smokes from a brick and mortar joint, the truly savvy smoker knows the best buys are online. They know the Internet is the place for convenience, exclusive pricing and the most unique selections. The advantages of purchasing on the web far outweigh traditional stores. Here are six surprising benefits of buying cigars online.

  • Inventory

    While the local shop can have a good selection of smokes, they usually rely on popular and best selling brands, such as Romeo y Julieta or Partagas. But if you are a true aficionado, you’ll have to dig deep to find a Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario or a Cohiba Behike. On the Internet, you’re going to find the cigar you want. It’s simply a matter of entering your favorite brand into a search engine and picking one of the options.

  • Pricing

    In general, regardless of brand, a conventional store is likely to charge more for their wares. After all, someone has to pay for their overhead. Online purchasers do not have to concern themselves with warehousing and other sundry expenses of physical stores. Web stores can offer coupon codes, bonus items, special pricing, deals of the day and even discounts if you sign up for the online store newsletter. You can also buy in larger quantities from distributors at affordable pricing.

  • Convenience

    There’s no better way to get your Bolivar Belicosos than through the Internet. No lines, no waiting, no fuss. You can do your shopping anywhere you have an Internet connection. You’re in a better position to compare pricing quickly among vendors. It saves you time and money, both of which you use when you travel to a physical location. With online orders, the only money you spend is on the order, the only time on browsing and clicking.

  • Taxes

    At physical stores, there is a hefty tax associated with the purchase. As long as the web store you’re buying from doesn’t have a physical store in your state, there will be no taxes associated with the online order. No tax means a smaller payment.

  • It’s a 24 Hour Service

    Unlike a brick and mortar location, you do not have to wait for an online store to open. Their wares are available any day of the week, any hour of the day – even on holidays when physical stores are closed. You will always have the option of logging in, making a secure payment and never running out of your favorite Montecristo.

  • Skilled Customer Service

    Most online stores are owned by cigar manufacturers with services provided by a staff that knows cigars. While the same can probably be said of any brick and mortar establishment, you cannot say the physical location also offers this benefit alongside the other advantages on this list.

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