5 Ways to Use Plastic Buckets at Your House

While they may seem to be a waste of space or something you don’t need, be sure to hold on to your plastic buckets next time you plan on throwing them away. There are several different benefits to having plastic buckets around the house, but here are the top five ways they can come in handy.

1. Your Kids Will Love Them
Most children find a deep joy in making loud noises around the house and take any opportunity to hit or bang on things with open arms. Give your child a few wooden spoons and a plastic bucket or two and you are sure to have at least ten minutes of entertainment for them! Another way they come in handy with children is to use them as storage for toys or other items.

2. Transporting Your Supplies For Cleaning
If you are one of those people that like to have all of your cleaning items for that particular room together instead of making multiple trips to and from the laundry room, consider using a plastic bucket to help transport your cleaning supplies from one room to another. They are big enough to be able to hold several different bottles of chemicals and other items you will need to help clean a particular area.

3. Holding Soapy Water As You Mop
Plastic buckets are great for holding soapy water when you are trying to mop your floors. The handle on the bucket makes it easy for you to move it anywhere you want without sloshing water all over the place. Buckets are made of a sturdy plastic material and more than likely won’t leak or spill all over your floors as you try to clean them.

4. Holding Soapy Water As You Wash The Car
The same soapy water method is helpful if you are trying to wash your car. Simply fill a bucket up with water and soap and your favorite sponge and get to cleaning your car with the benefit of a plastic bucket to hold your cleaning supplies. Because it is portable, you can take the bucket with you as you move to different areas of the car.

5. Storage
You can use plastic buckets for storage of many different things around the house or in your car. If your children play baseball or other sports, keep a plastic bucket in your car and place their sporting equipment in it to keep it from rolling around the trunk of the vehicle and to help everyone stay organized. Try personalizing the buckets so you know who it belongs to without having to dig through the stuff to find out. Another great use for a plastic bucket is to use it to store your pet’s food. This will keep your animal’s food together in one place and easy to pour out with the convenience of a handle on the bucket.

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