5 Ways to Track Your Items During a Corporate Relocation

Moving is one of the most stressful changes in life, even if you are very excited about your new position. Near the top of the list is the great worry that some of your property will go missing. It’s an unpleasant feeling arriving at your new place only to realize that some of your things are lost. Or maybe your items arrived, but you need help from your movers to locate them under a mountain of boxes.

The dreaded task of unpacking can be much easier only if you do your prep work right. Before you pack your boxes, take your time and create a plan on how you will track all your property. A good organization of your property will save you time and stress when you start unpacking.

How to Track Your Items During Your Moving Process

Label All The Boxes

When you are moving, attach or write labels to all your storage containers or boxes. There are different ways you can choose to organize your stuff with labels, but one of the best ways is by item and room.

  • By item: when you have lots of similar items, labeling boxes or storage containers by item is a good way. For instance, you can store all your photo albums in one box and label it “photo albums.”
  • By Room: In case you have numerous kitchen utensils and appliances, it can be hard to categorize them by item. Therefore, it can be a good idea to label them by room.

Use an In-Truck GPS

Several moving trucks have GPS systems installed to assist drivers to arrive at their destinations. Try and ask the moving company if they have a GPS system and if you can access that information. You can also request them to email you every time they arrive at certain destinations.

Use a Tracking Enabled Mobile Phone

If your moving company does not have GPS systems installed on their trucks, you can add one. Smartphones and tablets have GPS features, and by enabling the tracking feature, you can be able to track the geographic location of your GPS enabled device that you left in your items.

Purchase or Rent a Device to Track your Goods

You can also purchase or rent a tracking device from an electronics shop. You can place this device in the moving truck and get updates after every few hours.

Talk Directly to the Moving Company

Most moving companies allow clients to get in touch during the relocation. Therefore, you can always call them and request a location update at any time. Although calling too often can be a distraction to the movers, it can give you peace of mind if you are anxious, or if the delivery truck is running late.

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