5 Tips for Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury occurs when a person or entity causes physical and/or emotional injury to someone else. The key in personal injury is clear responsibility for actual damage because injuring someone is rarely intentional or malicious. Injury types and incidence rates differ by locale and are higher or lower based on things like local economy; climate; tourist activity; alcohol consumption; road conditions; age; population, and many other factors.

Personal injury settlements depend on the severity of injury; reimbursement for medical bills (past/present/future); lost wages; future earnings; pain and suffering; distress; and other unique aspects of each case.

Knowledge is power. A little bit of knowledge of how personal injury lawyers work will help people find the best lawyer for their situation. The following information will help prospective clients find an attorney that fits their situation.

Use These 5 Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer 

1. Call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if injury was caused by another person. Insurance adjusters overwhelm people because they need to settle insurance claims on behalf of the insurance companies, fast and inexpensive. The insurance adjuster represents the insurance company. Talk to a lawyer before the insurance.

2. Make sure injury and specialty align. Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and product liability are personal injury sub-categories. Attorneys specialize in these sub-categories, so do not waste time with a medical malpractice lawyer when the injury occurred in a car accident.

3. Consider wealthy lawyers. An experienced attorney proves their track record with previous case settlements. Lost wages and medical bills from personal injuries cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Those are only two factors in a settlement award.

4. Use free consultations. The majority of personal injury attorneys offer win-win free initial consultations. The injured party gets legal advice and a feel for the attorney; personal injury attorneys get a sneak peek at the case and decide if the evidence suggests a win.

5. Attorneys take winnable cases. A lot of personal injury lawyers use contingency fees. There are pros and cons to contingency fees, so each person needs to consider what is best. Contingency fees enable people who cannot afford an attorney to obtain representation without putting money down. The legal work is free if the lawyer loses a settlement, however when they win they also take a significant amount of the award money as payment. Forty percent contingency fees are common. It takes a lot of work to win a settlement award. Lawyers want to get paid. That only happens when they win cases and that drives these attorneys to succeed.

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