5 Signs Your Child Needs to See a Doctor After a Sports Injury

As a parent, one of the best activities you can have your child involved in is sports. It builds teamwork and also ensures that they remain fit and healthy throughout the season. However, with any sport, injuries are common. Because it may not always be clear what injuries actually require a visit to the doctor, here are five signs that suggest you may need to make that appointment.

1. Consistent Pain

While screaming in agony is obviously a sign that your child needs immediate medical care, it’s the low-level pain that may be more subjective. It can be difficult to know if your child needs a doctor if they only experience pain now and then, or if the pain isn’t severe enough to make them cry or worry. However, if the pain does not go away over a period of time completely, then they may have a sprain or worse injury that a doctor should examine.

2. Swelling

After the game, if you notice that your child’s leg or arm is swelling, then you may need to visit the doctor. Try putting some ice on it to see if the swelling goes down. If it doesn’t, or if the swelling becomes worse, then hightail it to your doctor as soon as you can. It could be a sign of something worse.

3. Bruises

All children wind up with bruises from rough play and the sport itself. As such, it’s hard to determine if bruises are just a result of a carelessness or a far more serious problem. If you notice a questionable bruise, keep an eye on it. If the bruise becomes darker in color or doesn’t seem to be fading over a period of time, then visit your doctor to have it checked out and examined.

4. Locked Joints

Sometimes the injury isn’t apparent until the day or week after it occurred. Locked joints can sometimes happen that way. One day your child tries to get out of bed and finds that their legs don’t work properly. It can be a scary situation for them to be in and could cause panic. Doctors can help, so simply help them over to their office and receive the treatment they need.

5. Numbness

Depending on the sort of sport they’re playing, some form of numbness may be usual. Particularly for those who use gear during their sport like a tennis racket or baseball bat. However, if this numbness is unusual or if the numbness doesn’t go away, then you should consult with your doctor. The sport may be negatively impacting your child’s body and causing problems with the tissue and nerves.

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