5 Kid Friendly Exercises

Getting your kids active is the best way to set them up for success. Kid-friendly workouts help improve their health and keep them moving. Nothing beats getting to workout with your children knowing that everybody is staying active in the day. You’re about to discover a few great exercises that both you and your child can do.

– Yoga / Stretching 

Yoga is a huge workout in itself. Yoga is a form of stretching by diving in to different poses that elongate and stretch the body. The beauty in this form of stretch is that it helps open up and create more space, allowing more flexibility and strength. Kids and even adults dealing with serious aches and pains can use Yoga to increase agility and flexibility.

– Squats

It’s always best for kids to stick to bodyweight exercises to help train their body to stay strong. Squats are a great introduction to using the whole body to carry itself. Focusing on just the bodyweight allows for more potential for the future. Squats also help work on the core, legs, and every area of the body.

– Push Ups 

Push ups help introduce kids to seriously gaining strength in the upper body. It can take time for kids to work up that strength to do multiple push ups in a row, but starting from scratch and working on this slowly can engage their muscles to get stronger long term. Push ups are simple and good on the body for any child no matter what.

– Crunches

A strong core opens the door for them to strengthen their entire upper body and do other exercises. Any form of ab crunches ensures they are engaging their core which can eventually lead to a stronger body.

– Jogging 

When done correctly, jogging can open the door for your kid to strengthen their legs and overall stamina. It can improve their cardiovascular system and build their stamina at a young age. This improvement will correlate to better strength that can improve all areas of their health for the future.

There are several safety precautions to remember for kids. Too much weight on their body to early in the process can hinder the quality of their joints. While every child is different, it’s important to remember that every child should wait awhile before diving in to weighted exercises.

If you have a kid who wants to jump into sports and other fast paced activities, it pays off to have them stay active. Having a kid who understands the importance of good health at a young age can open the door for a lifetime of wise eating habits and good health choices. These exercises open the door for them to continue.

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