5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD, or cannabinoids, is one of more than 60 compound molecules found in the marijuana plant. Recent research has led many people to believe that CBD is one of the top natural treatments for their health condition. There’s plenty of evidence that points to this fact. CBD can treat many different health ailments without getting you high like THC, although evidence suggests the benefits are even bigger when the two are combined. Five of the health conditions you can treat with CBD are below, although this list is considerably longer.

1- Fibromyalgia

Opioid and anti-inflammatory prescription medications are usually given to patients battling fibromyalgia, a painful condition causing musculoskeletal pain. However, a 2011 study found that CBD provided some form of improvement for each of the 56 participants, with most noting significant decrease in pain.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition affecting some 5.2 million people in the world. It is caused by a traumatic event and is especially common in war veterans. Studies have found CBD to be beneficial to numerous mental health conditions, including PTSD. CBD has proven to calm patients suffering from the condition, as well as provide them with a more stable mental wellbeing.

3- Anxiety 

As mentioned, CBD treats numerous mental health conditions, including anxiety. Researchers think that CBD changes the way the brain interacts with serotonin. It is believed that CBD improves the mood and presents the user with a calm sensation. One study found that 600mg of CBD reduced the heart rate, stress levels, and insomnia in more than half of the participants.

4- Pain Relief 

The National Institute of Health says that CBD can reduce pain in the body. Whether it is aching muscles, arthritis, MS, or pain from one of the other painful health conditions that exist, CBD can help soothe the body and stop the pain from progressing. There is already a CBD/THC combo drug by the name of Nabiximols is already available to treat pain for patients in the UK!

5- Acne 

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study that found CBD helped treat mild to moderate acne for patients who participated in the study. Although more research is necessary to learn the exact connection between CBD and acne, the evidence is very promising. Anyone who has ever experienced acne can appreciate this natural treatment that really works!

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