4 Ornaments Perfect for the Grinch in Your Family

Everyone has a grinch in the family, someone with a bah-humbug attitude who gets crabby when Christmas rolls around. But you might win them over with a nice ornament or two. Here are some tree trimmers that might get your grinch to budge an inch.

The first step is to appeal to your grinch’s sense of nostalgia. Remind the grinch of happy Christmases past with a traditional Christmas tree ornament. Wayfair.com has the ball ornaments everyone remembers from childhood including a green plaid one (plaid is nice at Christmas) and red and white candy cane striped ornaments. Quality Logo Products has solid-color ball ornaments from Grandma’s tree in red, blue, green, silver and gold.

If that doesn’t do the trick, how about a personalized ornament? Personalcreations.com has many that can be ordered online. They come as little Santas, snowmen, reindeer and gingerbread people. One is very cute and has a child in a stocking. There are also sock monkeys, bells and a cup of hot cocoa. Bronners.com will hand-paint ceramic ornaments and hand-stitch fabric ones. And ornamentshop.com has many different types of personalized ornaments including activities, fairy tales, colleges and transportation. When you personalize your grinch’s ornament, don’t write “Grinch” on it.

Another option is to add the creative touch and hand-make your grinch an ornament. That shows effort and caring. Well, maybe not the way I make things, but, anyway, there are easy instructions for hand-making ornaments on Pinterest. They’ll show you how to decorate an already-made but plain ornament or you can make a wire angel or a hot chocolate ornament from scratch. Styrofoam balls are a good way to start making ornaments. Hgtv.com has patterns for decorating styrofoam balls with soda caps as well as felt and other fabrics. Orientaltrading.com will sell you kits for making Christmas tree ornaments.

If all this fails, why not go the present route? Give your grinch an ornament that looks like a present. Then wrap it up like a present because who doesn’t like presents? Stick a baggy with some Christmas cookies in there just for good measure. You can find present ornaments on Amazon.com and also on Mileskimball.com. Miles Kimball has them in glass, plastic and brass, and you can have them personalized so they can do double duty. One of their present ornaments has a lid that opens so you can slip a trinket or some cash in there.

If your grinch doesn’t respond to any of this, he’ll probably be visited by three spirits tonight and learn the meaning of Christmas. But that’s all right because that story ended happily.

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