4 BBQ Accessories Everyone Should Have

Outdoor cooking is a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. Be it hamburger patties, chicken or expensive cuts of beef, the art of BBQ grilling is made easier when you use the right tools and accessories.

Here are four basic BBQ accessories everyone should have:

1. The BBQ Grill

Your BBQ should have three components to make it a proper cooking device: the right size grill, proper ventilation and it should be easy to operate.

A large grill allows you to be flexible in cooking for two or for large crowds. By having room to bank coals, you can create both ultra-hot searing zones and cooler one to cook a variety of meat at the same time.

Good ventilation is important, especially around the coals. The best grills have two separate racks elevated above the floor that allow the ashes to fall through and increase the oxygen supply to the coals.

Finally, you don’t need a grilling machine loaded with complicated gauges and extra features that don’t enhance your cooking ability. Money spent on things life heat-resistant handles, side boards, and tools holders are better allocated towards maximizing the grill size.

2. Long-handled Tongs

When flipping steaks or chicken over a blazing fire, long-handled tongs give you good control while remaining at a safe distance from the flames.

The best tongs have two separate arms connected with a spring-loaded hinge. The tool should feel hefty and well-balanced in your hand and be constructed of a strong material like steel. Avoid lightweight tongs made out of aluminum as they bend easily and overheat quickly.

3. Grill Brush

One rule of proper BBQ cooking is to begin each session with a clean cooking grate, especially if you want to sear in the grill marks on your meat.

Cooking surfaces coated with the residue from previous cook-outs can also affect the taste of your meat. While some cooks use crumpled-aluminum foil and a pair of tongs to clean the grate, nothing can surpass the cleaning ability of a stiff brass-wire brush dedicated to the task of removing all of the charred remnants of past BBQs.

4. Instant Read Thermometer

If you plan on cooking nothing but hamburgers, than you can pass on this instrument. However, if thick steaks or whole chickens are going to be on your BBQ menu, an investment in an instant read thermometer is a wise choice.

Although fairly expensive, an instant read thermometer is a must for the serious BBQ host who wants to serve perfectly cooked meat every time.

There are numerous other BBQ accessories you can choose from, of course, but without the four listed above, your BBQ experience probably won’t be as satisfying as it could be.

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