3 Things You Didn’t Know About Prepaid Phones

For many years, prepaid phones received a bad rap as the bane of investigators on criminal procedural shows because the suspect used a “burner phone.” As prepaid phones have become more popular, however, their reputation has greatly improved, as have their features and number of phones available. If you’re considering switching to a prepaid phone, here are a few good things to know as you try to understand if it’s the right choice for you.

They Use the Same Networks
Prepaid phone carriers are known as “MVNOs” or mobile virtual network operators. This is because they don’t build any of their own towers, license any of their own wireless spectrum, or depend on any of their own employees for network maintenance. In fact, any of the numerous prepaid phone carriers you can choose from are each owned by one of the four wireless providers in the country. The good news is that prepaid phones have access to the same towers and same service as postpaid phones, leaving no gaps in functionality.

They Use Their Own Customer Service Agents
Perhaps even better than having access to the same cellular service as everyone else is that, if you do have a problem, you won’t have to play second fiddle to someone who has a contract with the postpaid carrier and is in need of assistance. This is because each of the prepaid phone carriers employ their own customer service representatives, meaning you’ll only be in line behind others who utilize that same prepaid carrier.

Many times, in fact, prepaid phone carriers are smaller companies with a start-up company level of devotion to their customers, meaning you’ll receive even better customer service than you would with a larger postpaid carrier.

There Really Are No Contracts
With these benefits in mind, it can seem almost unbelievable that prepaid carriers could truly be contract-free. However, that’s just what prepaid phones are: totally and completely devoid of any contracts. You can feel free to switch to different carriers as you please and change devices as often as you wish.

Best of all, in the plan you do choose on a prepaid network, you never have to worry about overage charges, since you’ve paid for the minutes, texts, and data you need ahead of time. Of course, within a carrier, you can change this plan to reflect your current needs at any time, as well.

A Win-Win
Prepaid phones are truly a win-win for everyone involved. Cellular providers are able to increase their subscriber base by offering plans at a lower cost, cell phone companies are able to sell more phones to consumers, and of course you, the consumer, gets reliable, affordable cellular service and access to fantastic customer service representatives. The time to ditch your cell phone contract may be sooner than you think.

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