3 Simple Ways to Keep Liquids from Getting Contaminated.

Are you a bartender, food server, or food preparer? Even if you aren’t one of these things, it’s still very important that you know how to keep liquids from being contaminated. Every day we drink water, juice and we also use water to bathe ourselves, to cook, even our gas runs on water. Water I’m general is one of our most important resources, we can survive a month without food and only one week without water, yet it’s the most overlooked resource in the world. Here’s a list of three simple ways we can prevent our liquids, including water, milk and juice from being contaminated.

1. Use gloves and masks while handling liquids.

If you are a bartender or drink server, you should know the importance of wearing gloves while working with people’s drinks. It also helps if you wear a mask over your mouth and nose just in case you sneeze, cough or you aren’t exactly feeling up to par one day. Another good way to prevent the drinks from being contaminated is to put your hair up or in a ponytail. If you use all these methods to prevent contamination then you are bound to keep things safe and clean. these gloves could be a great way to stay clean. They’re reusable, affordable and you can choose from different materials.

2. Take better care of your car. 
Taking good care of your car can greatly reduce leaking anti- freeze, oil, coolant, and other liquids that can be picked up by rainwater and go down parking lots, driveways, and get into the groundwater supplies. You can even try getting a car wash at a company instead of hosing down the car yourself. The professionals are supposed to drain the waste water into sewer system, then the water is treated for all the dirty discharge.

3. Do NOT use your sink or toilet like a garage can.
DO NOT flush things down the toilet that doesn’t belong there. Things such as tampoms. Baby wipes can cause serious problems with the sewage treatment plants and it can even litter our water supply. (No one wants bathe and walk in trash) don’t even flush old pills down the toilet either. You can always take unwanted pills to your local pharmacy. Don’t allow oil, chemical cleaners, or other liquids like that go does the drain. The ingredients in these items are toxic and can have ammonia, or formaldehyde. If you’d like to to know more about waste collection days or facilities, you can look at earth991 For more info.

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