3 Credit Cards Every Traveler Needs in Their Wallet

While there are plenty of opportunities to earn miles and points while traveling, as well as chances to redeem hotel nights and free flights. One of the best ways to rack up those rewards is through business travels. Below are the best three picks for credit cards that deserve a place in the wallet of every traveler or business traveler.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
When you use the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you earn double points for all the dining charges as well as all travel expenses associated with the use of the card. However, the real value emanates from the best Chase Ultimate Reward program partners for transfer. The points you earn with the card can be used for renewal with more than 10 different airline brands and hotels including the Hyatt, British Airways, and the United Chase Hotel.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the best cards most travelers use when they are out for vocation or business travel needs. The card also comes with a wide range of great perks to ease your peace of mind. Moreover, you also get primary care rental insurance with the points redeemed by this card. Lost luggage insurance, as well as trip cancellation insurance, comes with the card.

2. The American Express Platinum Card
For those who love to travel frequently, this is the type of card that will offer you a host of benefits and perks when you put it into use. The first thing you get with the use of this card is more than $200 airline fee credit that can be used to cover your baggage fees, purchase gift cards, and inflight purchases. Accesses to the centurion lounges are some of the most sophisticated places you could ever visit. While there are numerous benefits to list the two other perks you get when you use the card are the complimentary elite status with Starwood and Hilton. With a gold status in every loyalty program, late bonuses and checkouts points on stays.

3. The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card
When you speak of Starwood, it is a co-founded card with Amex. Thanks to the valued points it earns on everyday spending as well as hotel stay. Due to their preferred guest program, you might consider using the Starwood card for numerous transfers as well as 30 airlines. You can also consider the business version of the card as it offers access to select hotels and same perks.

Hotel stays, meals, transportation, and other expenses that come with traveling are all enormous opportunities to rack up the rewards towards more travel. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a card that maximizes your earnings. With the above cards, you will earn transferable, valuable points that can be used towards hotels and free flights.

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